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Armored Vehicles

                                     It is sad fact of life that foreign officials working in embassies and United Nations even those who come to serve humanity must now face snipers, grenades, mines and incidental attacks to go from one part of town to another.

                                     Our company M/S Sohail and Sons now can bring armor vehicles of your choice to protect your staff against a wide range of projectiles and explosives. No armoring technology will protect against the most advanced weaponry but the quality armoring our partners perform will protect against mostly commonly occurring threats.

                                     We work with only the top armored vehicle manufacturers who armor the vehicles according to the highest standards. We accept no compromises because even 5% less protection and a life may be lost. No amount of savings is worth a human life. We are still able to armor a vehicle at the cheapest price in the world because of our low margins

                                     Our partners not just install armor they perform a complete conversion of the vehicle and transform it into a functional armored vehicle. Our partner is a high quality and specialized manufacturer of a variety of armored vehicles (armored cars, SUVs, specialty vans and SWAT trucks) in the United State/Canada/UAE. and has capacity to armor large quantities of different types of vehicles, our partner is well positioned to take on orders from US Military.

Governmental entities, foreign embassies, police, private sectors, including central banks and multinational corporations on all five continents.

                                              A properly fitted, armored off-road vehicle provides not only high mobility – even under extreme topographic conditions or with a partially destroyed infrastructure – but also safety from all potential dangers. All the 4 x 4 off-road vehicles appear inconspicuous – they look exactly the standard version. And, of course, like all other vehicles, they have excellent driving qualities and performance. Add quick delivery and you have a superb product for all-terrain protection.

                                       we are pleased to offer our services to import any armor vehicle in all famous  make like Toyota, Benz, BMW etc sedan and 4×4 vehicles. We also attached material for B6 level specification and level chart for your kind information.